Why is the Double Perfect Method during summer? Live up to your dreams and children?

Why is the Double Perfect Method during summer? Live up to your dreams and children?

Warm wind comes to a small summer heat

Crossing the banks of the summer solstice, the Xiaoshu solar term sweated profusely all the way, and the midsummer season officially began.

A small summer followed by a large summer, so hot that there is no place to hide.  When you hear cicadas everywhere, remember in mid June; when dragons dive into other puddles, fire helps the Sun Palace. “These are vivid depictions of the small summer season.

Xiaoshu is here, and the child’s summer vacation is also here!

About Summer Safety

Children are the biggest weakness of parents, and they are also the armor for parents to move forward bravely. In the scorching summer, the most worrying thing is their safety.

The summer vacation mode is activated, and children transition from a tense learning state to a relaxed and yearning summer vacation. Parents who strive for their dreams, what kind of win-win method is there to live up to their dreams and children?

With the rapid development of technology, it has brought many conveniences and safety guarantees to our lives. Among them, the
VStarcam camera has become an indispensable part of modern families with the function of ensuring family safety, especially the dual lens camera series: C992DR, C662DR, BG67D, HD dual screen, human shape detection, real-time alarm, parents who are striving for their dreams can remotely view their families anytime, anywhere, and protect their children and elderly in all aspects.

Watching the baby and accompanying – both are equally beautiful!

The VStarcam dual lens camera adopts HD image sensors, which can provide clear images for family members to view and replay the real situation at home anytime and anywhere through their phones or computers. At the same time, it also has functions such as human shape detection, movement detection, and area detection. Once an abnormal situation occurs in the home, such as invading the camera, it will immediately send an alarm to notify the family. In addition, the dual lens camera also supports bidirectional voice intercom, allowing family members to have real-time conversations with their loved ones who are far away from home through the camera, enhancing their connection with each other.

The outdoor intelligent camera C662DR is divided into two lenses: the upper gun type lens looks at the overall situation, and the lower ball type lens has a pan tilt rotation, which can zoom in to see details or rotate to a different direction from the gun type lens, guarding another area. The mobile phone or computer can simultaneously view two different area images, and one can be used as two, which is worry free, convenient, and safe!

C662DR has waterproof function. In order to prevent drowning and being abducted, double screen cameras are arranged in front of the house, behind the house, in the fishing pond or nearby places where there are rivers and lakes. Human shape detection real-time alarm For All Time. Always. at all times to ensure the safety of children and family members!

The indoor intelligent camera C992DR can simultaneously guard the living room, kitchen, or balcony with both upper and lower lenses. Real time alarms are detected in the area to avoid dangerous or irreversible situations, such as illegal intruders, children accidentally flipping over the balcony exterior wall, gas leakage, etc. Remote monitoring of the house allows for timely detection of abnormalities and safety measures to be taken,

The installation of smart cameras is very simple. Simply connect it to the home Wi-Fi network and download “O-KAM” for configuration. It is also very convenient to use. Simply open “O-KAM” to view and replay in real-time, ensuring the safety of children while also recording their growth process. In the hearts of parents, every moment of children’s growth is precious and worth cherishing.


Live up to your dreams, live up to your children!

Guarding Homeland Security

The peace of mind during summer comes from the safety of children, the safety of parents, the safety of pets, normal fishing ponds, no invasion of orchards, no abnormalities on construction sites, and no loss of warehouses.

Let me tell you quietly that we will arrange for the
VStarcam intelligent dual lens high-definition camera to protect the safety of our home and children, view it in real-time, and rest assured throughout the summer!

Live up to your dreams, live up to your children

The VStarcam intelligent camera provides comprehensive protection and protection for our family, which is the “dual protection method” for every parent. It not only lives up to our children but also dreams. Every summer vacation, we can fully and effectively accompany and protect our children’s growth. The dual lens camera intelligent human shape detection real-time alarm allows you to have a continuous source of energy, and at a glance, you will be enchanted. This dual protection method is achieved in the world, and you can accompany your children with your parents! Make you feel at ease every day.

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